Saturday, September 26, 2009


I just got back from the centro with my friend Toto. Oh my goodness. I feel sooo overwhelmed. Her mom works at Ripley's which is like the Nordstroms of Chile. Which was good because we got a very nice discount. BUT! I cannot wear Chilean styles. They like extremely tight skinny jeans with zippers and bleach lines and flourescent color shirts and wedge shoes and just generally loud clothes- none of which look good on me. I feel like a weirdo. Anyways, because her mom works there everyone was like throwing clothes at me and telling me which ones were the best and telling me I needed smaller sizes even though they were skin tight. It was ridiculous... But I got a dress and two shirts and a sweater and a pair of jeans. I love the dress and the sweater, because they're my type of dress and sweater. But the shirts are BRIGHT and one has....a zipper. And the jeans. Oh my. They are about as tight as physically possible and dark dark dark blue and stretchy (but stretched to full capacity hence the tightness) and have three little buttons at the bottom. I was obviously talked into buying them and if I ever wear them will feel like a silly white girl trying to be Latino. Overall, a very sucessful shopping experience. I just can't gain any weight.

I did talk to Luis about a bicycle because I really want to go out for like 4 hours every day and just ride around and take pictures. I don't know if he'll let me though because he doesn't think it's safe but he is starting to complain about me not doing anything active. Especially at lunch/dinner because then he can tell me how fatty the foods I'm eating are and then tell me that I'm going to go home and my dad will say "Oh, what a gordita!" And Miriam was talking to him and saying that I needed to find something I liked then I just laughed and muttered "hahaha deportes" and then they made fun of me for being lazy.

Oh, and I feel soooo bad because when I left to go shopping, Miriam was gone picking up Sofia and she said she would be back in half an hour but was gone for like an hour so my friend was getting mad for waiting, so I left Javier at the house. And then when I got home, I was lectured for leaving a nine year old home alone. To my defense, it's the middle of the day and he was only alone for like 10 minutes and the house is gated with two dogs. However, apparently he is very scared of being home alone and Miriam found him in her room with a baseball bat, a phone and a radio, away from all windows and doors.

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