Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Los Ultimos Dias

I can barely even begin to put into words just how amazing this year has been. After having what seemed like the year that would never ever end, I finally have to say that the year has changed to months to weeks and now down to just days. I have four days left in Chile. Four! I would love to know how it is even possible for such a seemingly grande period of time to go by sooooo fast. 

These past few weeks have been, obviously, amazing. As if I could think of another word to describe them. A lot of afternoons in downtown Talca, my last day ever in high school, several ridiculous going away parties, a weekend at a cabin in Lake Colbun with friends, and a trip to Santiago. In fact, my goodbye party was this past Friday and Im proud to say it was pretttttttty good. My bags are packed, as unfittingly eager as that seems considering the heartattack Im going to have Saturday night. I know it sounds silly to say that I never want to come home, but for the time being that is exactly how I feel. But, I do know that at some point on the airplane ride home, I will stop crying and get extremely happy because Im actually going home after so long. Its just that right now, I kind of wish that I could stay an 18 year old living in Chile, doing nothing of serious consequence except for having an amazing year. But thats one of those things that cant be.

Be home soon! LOVE LOVE LOVE