Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Que loca! Un mes?

I've been in Chile for over a month now. It's crazy how fast it's gone, but at the same time it feels like I've been here forever already. I think I've finally become acostomed to all the small things and at this point I don't even feel like I'm in a different country- I feel like I'm in Spanish class all day long. I'm still pretty awful at speaking, but sometimes it comes a little more naturally. The other day we were driving to Rancagua and there was a cow in a field and I looked at it and the first word that came to me was "vaca", not cow. And today a group of Sofia's friends were asking me to speak in English to them and they kept holding up their fingers and asking me to count, and at first I kept saying Spanish numbers instead of English! It was really weird, but it made me feel good to know that at least I was somewhere in the right mindset. It's just hard to stay away from English because all of my friends speak it so fluently and I forget that it's their second language or that I'm trying to learn Spanish. I'm trying not to use English, though!

I went to a birthday party on Monday after school for the girl on the right, Pancha.


  1. just want to say hi, nothing new here but I do need your phone number just in case we have exciting news for you!


  2. Hi Emily,
    Just letting you know I love your little blog titles (hilarious) and the contents. I swear I laughed out loud and about four tears came into my eyes the day when I saw the picture of you and the other rotary kids in front of the flag... here is emily wearing a blazer a big smile and purple vans. A few more tears came into my eyes when I saw the picture of you and your boy in the rain. The smiles are so genuine! It was inspirational to me and now it is actually my desktop background. Emily rose, Thank you for the letter and thanks for actually writting this blog. YOU ARE SO AWESOME!
    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Amber