Tuesday, September 29, 2009


These are pictures from Sunday afternoon. I can only tell you that we went to a river, a mountain, and a lake. Spanish names are very hard to understand when mixed into Spanish sentences...

Every school in Chile has an "Alianza" every year to celebrate their school's anniversary. For Colegio Ingles, it's this week! We've been meeting everyday after school until about 9 o'clock for the past two weeks to get ready for everything. The school is split into 2 different groups, Alianza Roja and Alianza Blanca. Each group has to prepare sketches, dances, races, games, songs, videos, etc., and pick a King and Queen and it's basically an all out event. Seriously: All out. Tomorrow is the first day of it, beginning with the Presentation of the King and Queen. And somehow, they got me to be a part of the dance for that. So, tomorrow at 8 pm, I will be dancing in front of our entire school and their parents/friends. Boooooo! If I wasn't a clumsy, uncoordinated, SHYSHYSHY girl with stage fright and zero grace, this would be great. However....
And on Friday, I get to be part of a fashion show. I volunteered on this one, but I'm regretting it. It's a fashion show for the 7 Deadly Sins. Guess which one I got stuck with. Glutony! I get to wear a dress made of candy/chip wrappers and walk down the runway eating french fries with a crazed/hungry look on my face. Again, Boooooo.

Also, anyone reading this?


  1. You would get stuck with gordita hahahah


  2. I meant glutony! I don't know why I said gordita lol

  3. p.s. I love love love the picture of the graffiti!

  4. yes indeediedo I read this whenever I'm missing my sweetie

  5. I am reading this lolz.

    It's fun when I am bored.

  6. Who is McKenna B?

    What a lurk.