Monday, September 14, 2009


Apparently there have been some complaints that I haven't been keeping my blog up. Well boo. It's very difficult to sit down and write out days worth of events to a computer. Especially when I'm tired 24/7. Luckilly, I'm bored... Friday was a half day of sorts because we had a festival/celebration type thing for the 18th. It was really cool. They had an assembly in the gymnasium and it was really pretty and every grade danced or read poems or something chilean. Then afterwards it was like a fair, minus the rides. There was a bunch of food and a stage where people were singing. I ate an empanada again, finally. They are sooooo delicious. They're bread with meat and onions and olives and egg and deilicousness inside.

After school, Matias and Luis and I went carting which was basically like sykart but outside and of course, crappier. It was fun though. Then we went to Luis's soccor game but Matias and I just walked around looking for empanadas, which were no where to be found. I got a completo instead which is code name for hot-dog. They loooove hot-dogs here. Except they put mayonaise, avocado, tomatoes, and nasty stuff on them instead of my beloved ketchup. They all think I'm crazy that I only eat them with ketchup. Saturday we went to Curicó for the day. They were having a festival there for the 18th and it was just a bunch of booths and a stage with dancers. I ate cotton candy (algodon de azucar) and soooo much delicious junk food. Afterwards we went to the mall there and Luis, Matias, Javier and I went bowling! I won because I'm pro. Then we went grocery shopping for like 38453945 hours and didn't get home until like 11:30.

Sunday we went to a barbeque. It was at the house of a boy I go to school with and he didn't say more than "Hola" to me the entire time. It was very lonely. I hung out with Matias the entire time. And it was outside so it was pretty cold. And it was a barbeque so the food was all meat. It gave me a chance to emphasize my disgust for most every type of meat though, so now I'm pretty much excused from it at dinner. SCORE. I think I pulled a muscle in my leg last weekend when we took the spinning class because Matias and I were playing soccer and I kicked the ball and basically wanted to cry. Whenever I run, my leg dies. I'm not sure how this is going to turn out with my new eating habits now that I can't exercise! Ahhh.

So, Today finally! I went to "el centro" with Matthew and Ben, two other exchange students here. Ben has been here for seven months so he's really good at spanish and knows everything. He's from Australia! It was a lot of fun though. We went to McDonalds... And then we walked around for sooo long and then finally met up with a girl he knew here and all of her friends. We walked more and then went to go eat "the best completos en chile" which actually just tasted like any other hot-dog...Then we went to the Rio Claro which they all laughed at because it's really dirty now (claro means clear) and we played table soccer (fusball) for awhile. THENNNNN, I went to my friends house because our entire class was there to work on a project and basically just sat there and played games on my phone. I get bored a lott...

And now, I am going to a barbeque at 10 pm. So random...

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