Thursday, September 3, 2009

Primer Reunion de Rotary

Tonight we had our first Rotary meeting, which turned out very different than I thought. It was good to talk to the other exchange students. But at dinner, I had such a good time. I sat by these old men and they were the funniest people I've ever met! The entire time they were making jokes and I couldn't stop laughing. When this one guy was making a speech, the guy I was sitting next to (Sr. Felis) took out his cell phone and was going through it and then he set it down on the table. And then the guy across from us took out his phone and dialed Sr. Felis's number and it rang and he went to answer it and then just started laughing, meanwhile there was still a speech going on. So then for about the next fifteen minutes they called random people around the table and every single one of them rang. I could not stop laughing. And then Sr. Felis started taking pictures of everyone around the table with his phone and he would zoom in on them and it was so loud when he took the picture. At the end of the meeting they had to sing their Rotary song and they were singing the Happy Birthday song instead and one of them stood back and cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted the song so loud. Ahhhh. I love funny old Chilean men!

I have no school tomorrow because my grade has to take this test that has something to do with college. So I'm going to go get a cell phone with Miriam and I'm going to lunch with my new friends afterwards. I'm very excited. AND! My first Chilean fiesta tomorrow night!


  1. Hello, I am glad you are having fun. It sounds like you were hanging out with your brothers at the meeting:) Matt and I are going to take trip number two today. We are going to go down to the white salmon area. Not sure if you have my blog info there are pictures of our 101 trip there. miss you steph

  2. Hey girlie! Sounds like you are fitting right in. I am so glad you are having fun. Be good.

    Love auntie