Wednesday, September 16, 2009

estoy enferma!

So, the week I have off of school, I'm sick. UGH! It's been nice though. I slept all yesterday and just relaxed. Actually, more like TRIED to relax. Sofia and Javier were in my room the entire time using my itouch. They were watching videos of people getting scared so it was scream after scream and the volume was up the whole time. Or they would play games (with volume, might I add) and when they beat their high scores they would scream "MIRA! MIRA!" and wake me up. And Sofia likes to pretend she is a cat so she crawls into my bed and purrs in my ear. I do not like having little brothers and sisters.

Luis's mom came to stay with us and she is really nice. She lives in Santiago and is here until Sunday. Friday I'm probably going with Luis and Javier to Rancagua (2 hours north)to watch a professional tennis match. I kind of don't want to go because it's like the big "18 de septiembre" and that just sounds kind of boring... Saturday though we're going to take a train to Concepcion which is close to the ocean. That should be fun. But we have to be at the train station at 7am!

Today was one of my friends birthday so I went to her house and hung out with people. I think my Spanish is improving. I can understand sooooo much more so I don't just sit there and have the most boring time everr.

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  1. Sorry to hear you're sick. Sophia sat up last night all by herself. She is mobile! We will have to skype it up soon. Tell the little ones that your ipod is broken or the battery is dead. I love you and I miss you sis,