Monday, August 31, 2009

Primer dia del colegio!

Well, today I donned my lovely nun-like uniform and went to school for the first time! It was kind of scary at first, to be honest. Everyone was staring and talking in Spanish. But then an English teacher took me to my classroom and a bunch of girls instantly grabbed me and told me that we were going to be best friends. I couldn't remember their names for like 4 hours though... The people there are sooo nice and they made me so happy. It's good to finally have friends. They already invited me to their houses and to spend summer vacation with their famililes and go shopping in Santiago and they might be having a party for me on Friday! The only downfall (which to me at this time, isn't really a downfall) is that they all speak pretty much fluent English. It was definitely helpful today because I had no idea what to do or where to go, plus they were able to explain a lot of stuff about Chile that will for sure help me, but I know that it will probably slow down my Spanish learning. They understand though, and try and teach me the Spanish as we talk. It's overwhelming though, because there are always like 6 girls around me all shouting out things and talking in both Spanish and English and expecting answers. It's crazy.
The classes are ultra easy. The kids literally just talk over the teacher the entire time, but he continues to talk anyways. I don't have to do anything because I can't understand anything. It's kind of boring though... And today we stayed until 5:15 because it's a Monday and that's what they do Monday and Wednesday. Every day is completely different. It's going to be weird to get used to...
I still don't know what sport I want to do. Luis wants me to do something. They have track at the school, but I already know it's not very good! And I played tennis with Luis on Saturday and I suck at that, so maybe I might take lessons but that's up in the air. I can also take swimming lessons or a spinning class. Who knows...


  1. What is spinning?

  2. Bicycling in a group inside on machines. It's very intense...