Wednesday, August 5, 2009


At the end of August, I am going to Talca, Chile as a foreign exchange student for my senior year. And foreign I will be! Hopefully, it won't be tooooo bad though! The first host family I am staying with is really nice. I met them on Skype and the dad speaks very good English. But, he also said when we spoke, that this would be the last time he spoke English to me, so good luck there, I guess. It should be interesting to see if my three years taking Spanish classes helps, even in the least.

So, this is how you guys get to keep track of me. I probably might not write much at first because I'll be getting settled in (and I feel like I'm talking to myself!), but after, expect updates all the time!

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  1. yeah i found you, can wait to see some pictures. love you lots