Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sólo Español

So, I'm going to try this thing where I don't use English. I know, ridiculous, right? Well, I can't exactly talk in it anyways, being in Chile, but I'm going to stop Skyping and Facebooking and emailing, because it really doesn't help when I'm on the computer all day talking in English. I barely speak any Spanish, which is, really, a problem. I will try to keep this updated, though.

Today I decided that I'm going to go to Colegio Inglés de Talca. It's a private school that is close to our house. We took back my uniform for Colegio San Ignacio and got the new one. This one is better, but I have to wear a tie (una corbata)! And, better in the sense that it matches. The other one was a black sweater with yellow and red and green and the skirt was blue with red and white. It just wasn't very coordinated... Like I should care! So, I start on Monday! You can see the website, but good luck reading it!

After I decided that I was going to speak solo espanol, I went and talked to Marisol, one of Miriams friends/possibly the maid?, and then I went into my room and labeled all of my sharpies with the Spanish words. Not like it helped because I already knew them all, but it put me in the right zone. Then, Sofia and I played checkers and this other game that I'm almost positive she made up as we went. She's kind of a cheater when it comes to games... I took out all my Spanish notes from all the years I've taken Spanish (which turned out to be of no help at all!) and studied for awhile.

Oh, and I tried to build another fire today! Again, I failed horribly. Plus, Sofia and Javier insisted on practically climbing on me to blow the thing out as if that would help. Silly Chileans. They need to learn how to make fires. At least the light attached to my bed works as sort of a heat mechanism....

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