Monday, October 26, 2009

Semana del Niño

Last week was Semana del Niño with Rotary International, so on Wednesday I met up with the other exchange students in Talca and we went shopping and ate a ridiculously large amount of ice-cream, while planning games and songs for the kids that go to Escuela San Miguel, a poorer, public school for kids in K-8. After, we went to the movies and we saw ¨Te Amaré por Siempre¨ which was The Time-Traveler´s Wife. It was okay...The ending bugged me so much.

On Thursday, all of 3º Medio (my grade)went to Santiago to visit the Universities there, but I couldn´t go because I had to do the Rotary thing. That wasn´t entirely too bad because I got to stay home and sleep in... :) At three we went to the school, which was just down the road from our house, and started putting together plates of candy and snacks and pouring juice. When all the kids swarmed around their plates, the other exchange students and I went over and talked with the older kids that go to school there. They were so nice and wanted to know every difference between the United States and Chile. I couldn´t even begin to answer it because there are so many differences and similarities...Afterwards, one of the Kindergarten teachers showed us her classroom and it was soooo pretty inside, compared to the completely empty, cold, ugly, bare classrooms at Colegio Ingles! It was warm, to begin with. That was my favorite part. But they had a turtle, and drawings all over the walls and it was colorful and cozy. I talked to the teacher, though, and asked her if she needed help anytime and she told me that I could come in whenever I want and help. That works out rather perfectly because I am trying to find something to do on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after Lunch because I want to leave school. I talked to Luis and he´s still thinking about it. The kids all left right after their snacks, so we didn´t even have to play games with them!

Chanel and Sara (exchange students from Pennsylvania and Ohio) came over after that and we just hung out and played games with Sofia and Javier for like 4 hours. It was wierd being with English speaking people. It ruined my Spanish though. I can´t talk anymore!! At 8 we went to the Rotary meeting which was horribly boring.

Friday at school was completely pointless because our math teacher never came and I went to the library during Physics and then a group of 7 or so went to downtown Talca to talk with Accountants and Bankers. It was stupid though because we were all Humanistas (taking art/literature related subjects) so we weren´t even interested in anything. Our teacher took us to lunch afterwards and it gave me a really bad stomach ache so I went home and slept until 8. Then I went to my friend Pancha´s house and we went over to Anita´s for a girls night, more or less.

On Saturday I woke up and went on a bikeride for 2 hours. I had so much fun. The entire time I was just smiling, which was awkward, but Chile is sooo pretty. It was sunny and really windy and everything was just cool. I passed horses, pigs, dogs, Huasos (Chilean Cowboys), restaurants, kids, wine fields, rivers, old buildings..... I basically plan on going everyday.

Saturday afternoon we went to the store to get ready for the asado (barbeque) we were having that night with all the families of Rotary Exchange Students. I helped squeeze lemons for Pisco Sour (pisco is like Chile´s main alcohol, made from grapes but nothing like wine) and put together chip plates and crackers and cheese. When all the Rotary kids got there we had to make American Appetizers so we made garlic bread, deviled eggs and Bruchetta. It felt more Italian than American...The garlic bread was delicious and my host family loved it so now I get to make it all the time which makes me happy because I missed garlic bread.

On Sunday I woke up at noon and right when I got out of the shower, Pancha called me and asked if I wanted to go to lunch with her and her family. Sooo, of course I said yes, but I would like to emphasize the fact that I got ready in 15 minutes!! I did my hair and make-up and everything. I can be so amazing sometimes... Lunch was good and after we went to Maule which is basically the country part of Talca. I really like that family. I wish I could live with them!

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