Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dos Meses

Today I realized that I have two feelings about Chile. One is that I never want to leave. One is that I want to leave immediately and eat American food. I really hate the second feeling. It makes me feel fat. Unfortunately, my mind seems to always be on food. I'm hoping that my high metabolism stays with me...

But I really do love Chile. Every night, even if I had the most boring day ever, I think "Hey Emily. Guess what! You're in Chile. For a year." And then I think about all the stuff I've done so far and all the stuff I'm going to do this year. And about how when I come home I'll be fluent in Spanish and have all these new friends and experiences. It makes me so excited. It's so crazy how fast it is going by. Today makes two months. I've been gone two months already! The second one went by way faster than the first one. That kind of scares me because I really don't want this to go by fast. I like it too much. I like the people. I like my friends. I like the country. I like the culture. I like (some of) the food. I like how excited I get everyday about being here.

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