Saturday, October 17, 2009

Presentacion a Rotary

Yesterday I finally made my presentation to the Rotary Club in Talca. I made a powerpoint that just had pictures on it and then I wrote out like 4 pages of stuff I was going to say. I was sooo nervous, even like three hours before we had to go. I finished the powerpoint though and then Ben and Matthew came over (other exchange students). It was weird because I´d never invited anyone to my house before then. Very strange...It´s weird how other people can make you feel so much better about things. They kept telling me how nice my house was and how we had so much food in the kitchen and how I was lucky we had a pool. Before then, I'd kind of harbored a secret hate for it, even though it's not even bad. Oh, andddddd they talked Luis into letting me go to a discotec that night after the meeting! It was so fun. Except for the school thing the next day...

But yeah....The Rotary meeting....I was very nervous. I can't talk in front of large crowds. And I can't speak Spanish. So combinations of those very two things make me nervous. There were about 30 old Rotarians there. I had to introduce myself to all of them and give them a kiss on the cheek like normal, but I kept forgetting who I'd already greeted so I would introduce myself twice to some and then they would laugh at me. Haha. Dinner was soooo good, aside from the salmon that they tried to tell me was chicken (Steph- I felt like Danielle!) We had potatoes and turkey and for dessert we had ice-cream and that chocolate pudding pie with bananas.  Anyways, my presentation went better than I thought it would. Granted, I wasn't too great at speaking the Spanish, but Luis told me I did really good. And this a Rotarian invited me to spend the night at his house tonight because his daughter is my age and she went to the United States on an exchange last year. So that should be awkward...

Yesterday at school, the seniors put up their "Lista Negra" which is a list of all the underclassmen that they hate/don't like, and on a random day they do stuff to everyone on the list. Let me first say that I know like 2 seniors. And now, guess who was on the list!? ME! The wrote: Gringa- Killer Asesina. When I saw it, I had no idea what the list was or what asesina meant (killer, easy enough) and so everyone had to explain it to me. But apparently the girls all hate me because the boys all love me. Hahahhahaha.

And last night, we all went to a ballet. It was the National Chilean Ballet and it was actually pretty boring, but really long.


  1. Danielle would be proud, she was asking about you the other day. Were is that girl? you know matts sister :)


  2. You are so funny. Popular with the boys huh? Well
    who wouldn't have guest that!! Besides the new
    girl is always popular! Glad your safe and having fun.

    Love you
    Uncle and Auntie