Friday, April 9, 2010

El Norte

And yet again, another amazing, amazing Rotary trip. Going to Northern Chile for 12 days with a bus full of exchange students was fabulous. The ridiculous amount of time we spent on the bus was just as fun as the warmly welcomed time off of the bus. I can’t think of a time when I’ve laughed so much. I learned so many jokes, stories, riddles, life stories, foreign slang, and random things to just barely tide me over until the next trip. We had so many adventures and crazy nights with only ten minute power naps in-between sleepless nights, that the entire time seemed like one very amazing and very long day. We sand boarded in a moonlit Valley of the Dead, got stranded in the Atacama Desert when our bus broke down, climbed ancient ruins, bought unbelievable amounts of artesian sweaters, bags, and jewelry, and visited what seemed like every plaza and church North of Santiago.

I can’t believe it’s over and I can’t believe that my countdown to come home has begun. I really feel like it was last week when I was saying how fast two months had gone by. I just hope that these last two months will take a freaking long time and that June 5(ish) never, ever comes.

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