Saturday, May 1, 2010


These are my new friends! Rocio, Caty, Cami, and I. Begoña took the picture. It took me so long to learn their names! Apparently Ive made friends with the "bad" girl in my class, but nada que ver! I still dont understand what theyre talking about! The only thing they do is talk during class, which everyone else does anyways. Im proud to say that Ive gotten in trouble sooo much this year for laughing and talking in class. That sounds bad, but really its not! Im so happy that Ive finally gotten to the point where I can express myself in Spanish. Last year I was such a quiet, boring person in class because I couldnt communicate. Not anymore! Its just sucky that Im leaving so soon.

Here are some amazingly interesting facts that Im sure you would all looooooooooooove to know about school in Chile.

  • The majority of schools in Chile are private. 
  • Almost all require uniforms.
  • Enseñanza Medio is the equivalent of High School.
  • In their Junior year they choose between Scientific based studies or Humanistic.
  • They dont get to choose their classes- a mandatory 13 classes are given.
  • The grades are based on a 7.0 scale.
  • There school work is focused on passing the PSU (equivalent of SAT but harder)
  • They really dont do much in class. Really.
  • Talking over the teacher is completely normal.
  • The curriculum is fairly easy and based almost entirely on tests, not homework or classwork.
  • The hours are completely arbitrary and daily can range from 8am-2pm or 8am-7 pm.
  • Most students go home for lunch and come back one or two hours later.
  • They dont use binders.
  • They use lined paper notebooks and they get completely filled up with notes and nothing else.
  • The teachers rarely come prepared with material, they usually make it up as they go.
  • You stay in a class of about 20-30 from Kindergarten to Senior year with usually the same people.
  • You dont change classmates for each class, just teacher.
  • Paper fights, chants, cell phone music, games, naps, and eating are all very very normal during class.
  • They dont have Prom, Homecoming, clubs, ANY form of heating, or Graduation.

Weve had a few aftershocks recently. Not too big of ones, just like 5 magnitude or around there. We had one when we were in Language class and I got so upset! The teacher wouldnt let us leave because they hadnt rang the giant bell in the courtyard yet. He told us that when the cieling started to fall in, then we could run down the rickety metal stairs and out into the courtyard, but never ever before they rang the bell. Definitely doesnt matter if you hear the afterschock coming, and then feel the entire building shaking. The bell will tell us if it is an aftershock or not. Ugh.

On Tuesday Im going to Easter Island!! So, so, sooooooo incredibly excited!! Please, feel free to be jealous. :)


  1. i like your blog,
    I hope you keep writing whenever possible.
    kisses, i love you :D

  2. those knee socks are sexxyyyyyyy!
    have fun in easter island!!!
    love aar

  3. You are so cool. I am so happy for you. This is the best time in your life and I am so proud that you are taking complete advantage of it. Do everything you can/want everyday and have no regrets!
    Love you-
    Cousin Lindsay

  4. Hi cutie pie! You are soooo adorable and I can't wait for your party!!!!!!!!! I think we should all spend the night cause what a party it will be!!!!!!! I better make my dibbs for a bed now, huh? Are you ok with leaving? That's going to be hard. Have you decided where your going to school? Cause we have an extra room!!!!!!! Love and miss you so much!!!!