Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Culture Fest"

The last week has been pretty dull. I've mostly been working on college applications and Rotary things. Awhile back, the University of Talca invited me, along with the other exchange students in this city, to prepare a stand displaying information and have some food that is typical of our country. Of course, we agreed and of course, we waited until the last minute to put anything together for it. So, Wednesday night we all got together and put some stuff together for the following day. We made a giant poster with pictures and information and made about 9 billion peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (the power even went out during everything). Sara and Chanel spent the night and we stayed up late watching movies and eating ice-cream. In the morning, Benny, Elizabeth, Breno, and Rafaela arrived from Curico to come help us. So, we had everything ready, even though it was last minute, and we got to Culture Fest to set up. And then we talked with the coordinator guy and he told us that because we had such bad coordination and other such things that we couldn't do it anymore. So, we ate some PB&J sandwiches and walked around Talca for a couple hours before the event actually started. We did go for a little bit but it turned out to be lame anyways.

On Saturday I went to the cathedral in Talca for my class's Confirmation. It was cool because it was in a church and it was all catholic and stuff, but it was so incredibly boring and obviously in Spanish...Afterwards I went to Anita's house for lunch and all her family and friends from Santiago were there. Luis was kind of mad at me because I went there instead of going to his office for a family day, which was dumb. It really didn't help because that night my entire class was having a party for Confirmation being over and I couldn't go because I had previously (but very unwillingly) agreed to go to a birthday party with the family. However, I should not have had to go. It was for a kid that I didn't even know, it was 29384 miles away, I knew absolutely no one there, and it was really lame. Not to mention, Luis and Miriam wanted to stay late because the parents were having an asado so we were there until like 3.

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